How Buck was Born


Buck was born on a quiet Tuesday afternoon, in the heat of the sweltering summer sun.


On a day home from school, Moe was building himself a palette wall. Though a novice DIY-er himself, Moe had the help of a friend who was an experienced contractor in addition to a whole host of online guides. Nonetheless, he found himself running back-and-forth to the hardware store no less than nine times, picking up all kinds of special tools and materials just for this one simple job, and scrambling to figure out just how to get it done.



Suddenly, it dawned on him -- everyone else who had ever built a palette wall all needed the same tools, the same materials, and the same instructions to get it done, but had to cobble it all together piece-by-piece. There was a better solution: DIY 2.0.



And thats how Buck was born.

Launched in a Drexel University classroom in 2017,  Buck is committed to bringing DIY to everyone, because we all know that you never feel better than when you did it yourself.


So what are you waiting for? Let's get fixing!