Buckbox Move Out Guide:

Repairing Scratched Wood

While you've been living in this space, life has happened. Nothing will show that more than your wood floors and furniture.

Buckbox Repair Scratched Wood

This may seem like a biggie, but don't worry: we'll help you cover up those scratches so when you hand over those keys, it all looks good as new.

Thanks to you, over the past however-long you’ve lived in this space, the wood surfaces have probably gone from looking shiny and new to...not quite. Well don’t you worry, because Buck is here to help. We’ve provided you with some specially formulated oil to help mask those scratches, and leave that wood looking good as new.


Our special wood repair oil is specially formulated from a blend of nuts to help make sure those scratches disappear. It’s totally natural and smells great to boot.


  1. Start by just shaking the bottle to sprinkle some oil onto the scratched wood.

  2. Then, just use one of the disposable cloths we’ve included to rub it in. Apply a few spritzes of the oil until the scratches seem to fade.

  3. Wait about 5 to 10 minutes for the oil to soak in...and then apply another coat.

  4. You may want to apply a few more coats, waiting for the oil to soak in between each one, but 3 to 4 in total should be good.

Now that all your wood surfaces are looking a bit cheerier, you can check off a couple of boxes from your move-out checklist.

Once that's all done, let's move on to the next fix your space needs!

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